Wednesday, October 7, 2009


This morning I and the other three men in the first-year class from Franciscan decided to pay a visit to the old stomping grounds of our Pre-theologate director in Steubenville, Father Ken Cienik. We arrived at this small church almost literally next door to our college and prayed for a while. Then we admired the art work and took pictures. We asked the lady working the information desk if we could speak with the friars there, and she checked for us, but the rector was in Assisi for the week and the others were not available, so we'll have to go back and introduce ourselves at some point in the future. It really was a nice, peaceful place to pray and I think I will have to pay them some visits in the future. Here are some of the pictures I snapped while we were wandering the place.

Here's Dan in my shot of the sanctuary of the church

This is from the chapel of Sant'Onofrio. I wish it had turned out a little better, but so it is. To be honest, none of us really knew much about his story. He was an early Church ascetic, perhaps like an eastern desert father or something of the sort. I'll look him up and maybe fill in a few of the details at some point.

This is from the inner courtyard, next to the Church in the residence of the friars (at least we were pretty sure that was what this area was)

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