Sunday, January 24, 2010

Flashback 3: A Little Humor

Ok, so I took a couple pictures, one prior to the trip and a few on the trip, that I thought you would all appreciate. Random? Yes, very much so. Sometimes those are the best, though...

I saw this one on the train out of Vienna. The prefix 'not' signifies 'emergency' in German, but it's much funnier in English. Clearly, what we see here is NOT a hammer.

This was at the exit of the subway in Munich. I suppose they probably meant for this to be a 'fire exit' sign, but it seems much more appropriate for a 'in danger of being chased by men with scimitars, please exit here' or 'emergency skis/surfboards run amok exit'.

Finally, for our college hall, we decided to pose for ridiculous family pictures for a Christmas decoration. The one catch was we all had to wear the same ugly sweater and Christmas hat. This was one of my shots. [:)

May God bless you all with much joy and light-heartedness in these trying times.

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