Sunday, January 24, 2010

Now Back to the Present

Praise God, I think I got it all up there for you. There are still a couple little things I didn't post, like my visit to the Venerable English College around Thanksgiving and the Urbe et Orbi Christmas address the Pope gives, but all the big stuff should be caught up now. Don't feel obliged to read it all at once- I just posted a whole lot of stuff, but it's all well past, anyway, so it's not like it becomes less timely if you don't ready it promptly. I'm glad I finally got it all up here now, though.

This week we had another priest from the diocese in town, Father Brian Stanley. He was in town for a military chaplaincy conference, so we got to spend some good time with him. It was really great catching up with him; I didn't have too many role models growing up, and Father Stanley was definitely one of the bigger priestly influences in my life for the short time we had him at St. Monica. It was nice having a relatively young priest to look up to while in middle school, even if only for a short time.

Alright, please everyone pray for those in Haiti, please pray for all those in positions of authority, in our Church and in our country, especially for Bishop Bradley and Pope Benedict, for President Obama and our House and Senate representatives, please pray for all those in most need of our prayers, and, if you have any time or prayer left in you, please pray for all of us over here and please pray for me. We have now entered exam season, and there is much studying which needs to occur between now and the time of my exams if I want to represent Kalamazoo well. I'm not looking for a summa cum laude over here, but good enough grades to move on to my theological grad studies would be nice. [:) I'm probably not going to be online much, if at all, for the next couple weeks, but I would definitely appreciate all your prayers. I will continue to keep all of you in mine. May God richly bless you all, and, as we grow closer to our Lord in our preparations for exams over here and you grow closer to our Lord in all your struggles over there, may God bless up with

The light of His wisdom and insight...

and the quiet peace of heart only He can bring


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  1. Those pictures were both taken from my bedroom window. I may not be able to see St. Peter's quite, but it's still not too bad of a view, if I do say so myself.