Monday, August 16, 2010

Tom's Triumphant Return

So I have, at long last, returned from my summer apostolates. I finished up my exams very early- more than two weeks early, so that I could leave in mid-June to teach English in Cairo, Egypt to two dozen Coptic Catholic seminarians. After 4.5 weeks, I went home with one of the seminarians and spend a fews days in his village, after which John Lovitsch, the other seminarian with whom I was traveling, and I went and climbed Mount Sinai and saw the burning bush! We then returned to participate in early orientation for the newly-arrived first-year seminarians. After that concluded, I departed for Lourdes, France for two weeks, from which I returned late, late Tuesday night of last week. It was an incredible experience, to say the least.

I apologize, as I seem to have to do regularly, for being gone for so long. The serious amount of work I had to do to be able to depart so early in conjunction with the business of the summer has kept me blog-free for quite some time. Now, though, I finally have a few weeks off in which I can kick up my feet and catch up on blog posts. I will be gone until Saturday, but after that I'll be near my computer. Unfortunately, my camera bit the dust- almost literally- right at the end of my time in Egypt- I think the excessive quantities of dust and grit in conjunction with the incredible heat destroyed the mechanism for opening and closing the shutter and lens. Thus, I have no pictures from Lourdes or our trip to Mount Sinai, though my friend John will get me pictures from Sinai when he can. Be assured of all my prayers- I prayed fervently for all my friends, family, those entrusted to my prayers, and those in need of my prayers during this summer, especially in Lourdes and on Mount Sinai.

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