Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all! I pray it has been a time of joy and renewal for everyone. After my rather significant work-induced hiatus, I'm going to try to get this blog a little more updated. Thankfully, things have been relatively calmer this second semester here in Rome.
During Lent we had the blessed opportunity to take part in the ancient Roman tradition of station churches. Each day in Lent, there is a different church designated as a pilgrimage destination with Masses celebrated there throughout the day. We would leave the college between 5:45 and 6:25 AM to walk to the church of the day, at which Mass would be celebrated at 7:00 AM. It was very beautiful getting to experience so much Roman history in the various churches. This was also a very good experience for developing a better knowledge of how to get around in Rome. Now when people come and visit I can actually point them in the direction of the Coliseum and get them there on foot rather than just giving them the number of the bus to take. One of the perks about the station Masses which the most guys loved had to be the breakfast afterward. If we went to the station Mass, we were permitted to eat breakfast at our sister college for student priests, the Casa Santa Maria. They had real eggs, soft bread, everything an American could want except meat, which is virtually impossible to find for breakfast in Europe, anyway.

I do not have any pictures from the station churches, but I do have pictures I will post from my trip after Easter and from our Roman blizzard of 2010. Stay tuned for these as well as more info about Easter itself and our annual Rector's Dinner fundraising event we had this week. More soon.


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  2. Easter in Rome must be phenomenal! I would love to experience that some year!

    Where did you go after Easter? I can't wait to see your pictures! I keep telling myself that I'll get back to Italy soon, but my husband (& my bank account!) tell me otherwise....

    Hope you're well -- physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Know that I think of you often & that I keep you in my prayers!

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