Saturday, January 8, 2011

Holy Land Pilgrimage 2010: Day #2 Peter's Primacy and Capernaum

Day #2
December 20th 9:30 PM

Today was pretty incredible. We began with Mass at the "Peter's Primacy," where Jesus asked Peter thrice if he loved Him. We were also then right at the 'Mensa Christi', where Jesus served them breakfast. We spent some time on the Sea of Galilee before moving on to Capernaum. Everything was so close! Everything we did today was on about a two mile stretch of road along the Sea of Galilee- it emphasized how everything really must have known Jesus.

Capernaum housed the ruins of the Synagogue where the Bread of Life Discourse was given, in addition to Peter's house and the house of the Centurion nearby. The tax booth of Levi/Matthew was probably nearby along the sea. Peter's house was also the house where the paralytic was brought in all likelihood. It was so moving to actually be in and pray in these places. I had been having a hard morning for some reason but by the end of our time in Capernaum I was fine. We also went to the Eremos Cave, where Jesus sometimes went to be alone and pray. There was a simply beautiful view there.

I walked back with three of the other guys along the Sea, hopping along rocks and cutting through reeds (and thorn bushes, and other obstacles. I had a total blast, like we were kids again, just being able to play around along the seashore. We got back just after it had gotten dark, which made the last stretch of rock climbing and thorn bush avoiding more interesting, to be sure). We saw the waterfall where they would have washed their fishing nets, which was surreal. It all really brought the Gospels to life. I had a ton of fun walking back-more than I've had in quite a while. (It really made the Gospel smack you in the face with its reality- you start asking yourself really down-to-earth, for lack of a better word, questions like "I wonder how often Jesus had to buy a new pair of sandals" or "How many nights do you think Jesus and Peter spent sitting on his back porch talking?")

It helped me to come to a greater appreciation for Scripture to be able to walk it. I can now picture things much better and understand how it all fit together and get just a slightly better sense of who the disciples were and who Jesus was and is. Praise be to God. I look forward to seeing this develop. ... ...

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