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Holy Land Pilgrimage 2010: Day #6 Capernaum Revisited and the Bay of Parables and the Waterfall

December 24, 2010 6:00 PM
Day #6

So this evening begins Christmas. I just got off the phone with my family. One of my classmates let me use his iPhone, which was very kind.

Today we had Mass back in Capernaum. I spent a few hours there, taking in the town and reading the Gospel of Mark in the ruins of the Synagogue. I had never read it all the way through in one sitting before. It meant a lot more having seen so many of the places mentioned. I then walked back along the shore with another classmate, stopping to read the Gospel at the Bay of Parables and stopping also at the spring/waterfall. I got in and waded in the water around the spring. It was really cool getting to wade in the same spring in which the Apostles probably waded washing their fishing nets.

No really deep spiritual insights today. Prayed with a number of passages from Mark. The demoniac Legion really shows us how comfortable we can become with our sins and ugliness and the sins and ugliness of those around us, even casting out the one who desires to bring healing to our loved ones or to us. It reminds me of one time, many moons ago, I was out eating in a restaurant and there were 3 or 4 college guys at the next table over, and I couldn't help but overhear their conversation, as loudly as they were talking. They were complaining about this new boyfriend that a girl they knew was dating. He was a real jerk, the kind that had persuaded her to stop doing drugs and get her life in order- I bet you know the type. How pitiable that they were upset by this! How like the Gerasenes, casting out Jesus for casting out demons from their friend. The demons, at least, were a known quantity for them. The power of God was not and they shied away from it. How very sad, and it made me wonder in what ways I and others do this, as well.

Anyway, it was beautiful praying with all the people whom Jesus praised or whom the Gospel mentioned that He looked upon with love. It was also interesting to note those that He rebuked. We'll have Midnight Mass tonight followed by Christmas carols and an early morning tomorrow. Come, Lord Jesus!

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